Salvo Salvatore Daniele

Salvo Salvatore Daniele

Acro Yoga | Zürich

Salvo Salvatore Daniele, Ph.D.

I come from Italy and am settled for long here in Switzerland. I have studied engineering and worked for over ten years as scientist. At the same time, I have always been interested in understanding the human beings, our behavior, our nature and what all this is!
Because of that, I privately studied psychology and meditation for many years. I am right now a student and practitioner of the Indo-Tibetan Pointing Out meditation, my personal practice mainly follows Dzogchen teachings from the Tibetan Bön tradition.
In parallel, I was always focused on physical activities. I am a slackline extreme athlete, founder and president of Zürich’s association and a board member and founder of the Swiss National Slackline Federation.
I love to teach and practice Yoga Asanas and AcroYoga as a physical complement and support to my meditation practice.
I feel that the practice of extreme sports combined with meditative disciplines establishes the balance between playing and staying.
In both activities my ultimate goal is to live here and now, to play here and now, to stay here and now.

Acro Yoga     Acro Yoga



AcroYoga playfully joins elements from Yoga with the dynamic energy of Partner Acrobatic. Through this combination, the practitioner awakens and develops a deep awareness of his balance, body tension and concentration. Normally we practice Yoga on Earth, sometimes on Water. Have you ever practiced on an element that actually has feelings? If this idea triggers […]