Miriam Ropschitz

Miriam Ropschitz

Yoga Moon | Zürich

Miriam is an international workshop and retreat facilitator and the creator of Yoga Moon, an organisation offering cycle-sensitive yoga practices and wisdom. She spent the last five years living between Thailand and India immersed in deep sadhana, developing an intuitive application of hatha yoga which works in harmony with the menstrual cycle. Right now she is sharing her workshop series ‘The Moon Code’ far and wide. Her wish is that one day menstruation will no longer be an uncomfortable topic in the yoga shala and instead be an ally for a more-integrated and empowered way of living.

Cyclical Yoga


In this 60 minutes Miriam (creator of Yoga Moon) discusses cycle-sensitive yoga and offers practical techniques for synchronising the yoga practice and menstrual cycle for greater bodily comfort, more stable energy and general wellbeing. In this interactive workshop, participants will discover which asana and yoga techniques are best suited to the different phases of the menstrual […]