Ben Makosch

Ben Makosch


Ben lived and taught for many years on Koh Phangan, Thailand. The classical lineages of Hatha Yoga and his love for the philosophy of Kashmir Saivism form the core of his teaching. As a certified Myofascial Structural Integrator (KMI/ATSI) he brings precision to the external and technical aspects of asana and adjustment whilst simultaneously emphasising the inner-exploration of the subtle bodies.

Ben has fused his philosophical interests and decade of practice into sequences with strong focus on pranayama and kriya. He teaches workshops and teacher trainings internationally.



The Sanskrit root of the word tantra is ‘tan’ – meaning to stretch or expand – also the root, in Latin, of ‘tendere’, which gives us ‘intend’, ‘extend’ and ‘tone’. A string can only vibrate and create tone when stretched or expanded to a point of tension and it’s this inner tone that reveals the […]